Laos Travel Guide

This travel guide is not extensive but provide the fundamentals practical information about Laos that is good to know before your departure. You do not have to worry much once arrived since you can always ask our guides for any practical questions.

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Cheap-flight-to-Laos-with-Scoot-Airlines-Summer-2019 With $189 flight it is high time to plan your trip to Laos
in summer 2019 with Scoot Airlines

First it was Vietnam, then Cambodia and now it’s Laos’ time to shine with the landlocked country straddling the Mekong...

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Petanque-with-the-locals-40-best-things-to-do-in-Luang-Prabang 40 Best things to do in Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang literally meaning “Royal Buddha Image”, was listed in 1995 for unique and “remarkably” well preserved architectural, religious and cultural...

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Top-10-places-in-Laos-for-backpackers Top 10 Heavens in Laos for

With plenty of beautiful spots, Laos offers various options for backpackers to hang out. Here you can find the list...

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Nature & adventure
Nam-Et-Phou-Louey-NPA-Nature-Trek-Nam-Nern-Night-Safari- Nam Et – Phou Louey NPA –
Nature Trek & Nam Nern Night Safari

Welcome to the largest National Protected Area in Lao PDR, that hosts the third highest peak in Laos, the summit...

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Culture & tradition
Festival-of-Light-Top-10-Festivals-and-holidays-in-Laos-and-the-best-of-them-2 Top 10 Festivals in Laos –
Which One Is the Best?

The majority of Laos festivals are based in the Buddhist faith that dominates the country and hold an important religious...

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Where-is-Laos-and-top-10-best-places-to-visit-2 Where is Laos?
& Top 10 places to visit

‘Where is Laos?’ is the most often asked question when I tell somebody that I am from Laos. Well, you...

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