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Laos adventure tour: Experience the daily life of local Lao people

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Lao is very famous for its diverse landscapes divided into 03 main areas: North, Center, and South. Each area has its own unique terrain, which affect the culture, and the way of living of local people. Laos adventure tour brings you to all 03 areas, and shows you the differences among them. The excursions of Lao adventure tour includes trekking (soft or hard), hiking, kayaking, biking, motorbiking, or homestay.

The northern Laos

This is the most mountainous area. For many, the lofty mountains and sheer riverine valleys of northern Laos sum up the dreamy and exotic nature of the entire country. Situated on a promontory of the Mekong River, Luang Prabang is by far the crown jewel of northern Laos.

Whether it’s for trekking, cycling, kayaking, ziplining or a family homestay, a visit to northern Laos is for many the highlight of their trip.

The central Laos

The area is famous for its honeycomb of caves and dragon-green jungle. Hence, cave exploration is an obvious headline attraction. Besides, kayaking trips are also a big draw thanks to the myriad rivers that course like veins around and, often, through the karst mountains.

Furthermore, the area also claims the most forest cover and highest concentrations of wildlife, including some species that have disappeared elsewhere in Southeast Asia. With its rugged, intrepid travel, and stylish pockets of comfort in Savannakhet and Tha Khaek, central Laos makes for a great place to adventure into the underworld.

The southern Laos

Near the Cambodian border, the Mekong awakes from its slumber, slams into Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands) and disintegrates into a series of churning rapids. Downstream, a dwindling pod of rare Irrawaddy dolphins seek solace in a deep river pool. In between, an expanding pod of travelers find their own solace in the hammock-strewn bungalows of Don Det and Don Khon.

Kayaking or bicycling around these bucolic islands is the signature southern Laos experience. However, the rest of this incredibly diverse region – home to Angkor-style temples, highland cultures, huge waterfalls, prime trekking, and raw off-the-beaten-track experiences – remained off the radar until recently.


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