Code: LA-SA-SE7 Duration: 7 days Theme: Soft Adventure


  • Exploring the colorful Bolaven Plateau
  • Jeep tour discovering some hidden gems of Paksong, and spend the night at the coffee farm of the host family
  • Uncover the mysteries of Wat Phou, the UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Exploring the peaceful 4000-island area, visiting Liphi waterfalls, and rare Irrawaddy dolphin
  • Admiring Khone Phapheng waterfalls, the biggest waterfalls of Southeast Asia
  • Discovering Ban Khiet Ngong, riding the elephant to the top of Phou Asa mountain to admire the panoramic view


Pakse – Paksong – Bolaven Plateau – Jeep Tour – Champsak – Wat Phou – 4000 Islands – Liphi Waterfalls – Irrawaddy Dolphin – Khone Phapheng – Pakse

+ Guide & Driver
+ Meal: None
+ Excursion: Airport pick-up, then transfer to Bolaven plateau
+ Accommodation: Sinouk Coffee Resort

+ Arrival Flight: TBA

Upon arrival at the airport, we head east to Pakse and onto the Bolaven Plateau. The Bolaven Plateau is known for its cooler temperature being located high above the Mekong Valley. Stop at a tea plantation, followed by a brief visit to Tad Fan Waterfall, a picturesque twin chute waterfall. Last stop is at a coffee plantation before arriving at your destination for the evening. Overnight at Sinouk Coffee Resort

+ Guide & driver
+ Meal: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
+ Excursion: experience the coffee trail with a Jeep
+ Accommodation: tent camp at Khamsone coffee farm
+ Pick-up: 08:30AM

09:00Am, we will meet the Jeep tour specialist at Chai Coffee, and have some discussion with him there when enjoying a cup of coffee.
After that, we will hop on the Jeep and drive 30 minutes to Tad Moun Waterfalls, where we can enjoy the fresh cool water, and visit the nearby vegetable farm.
11:00 Am, we continue driving to the Coffee Farm of Mr. Khamsone via the 10KM bumpy and muddy road, which will take you 01 hour with your special Jeep car.
Upon arrival, Mr khamsone, the Coffee farm’s owner will take 1hr to demonstration about coffee Roasting step and finishing by a coffee cupping to Savor the different kind of coffee (Robusta, Arabica and Typica).
We will have the picnic lunch on the farm at around 1:30PM before walking to the nearby refugee cave, which is used as the hidden place by the local villagers during the war time.
After that, we will continue walking along the farm to see the volcano mountain named Phou Sanark where we can enjoy the view over the farm and the nearby villages during the sunset.
You can learn to cook Lao foods with the wife of Mr. Khamsone while preparing the dinner with her. Overnight at the tent camp at the coffee farm

+ Guide & Driver

+ Meal: Breakfast, lunch

+ Excursion: continue the coffee experience

+ Accommodation: Tad Lo Lodge

+ Pick-up: 08:30AM

09:00 am: After breakfast we continue driving by JEEP for 14km or 1hr to Laven village name’s B Setkhord. In this village there are 500 families living in around 100 years old. So, during the France Indochina, these plateau call Laven plateau, which means: An area or the hometown of Laven people living. Upon arrival, we can walk around, and our guide can tell you more stories about this village.
We then drive to Tad Say Waterfall where we will have the picnic lunch
After that we will drive to a Suay Village named B Darsia, where you can see many traditional house. 30% of the house here is still the traditionally built long house, and 60% is the traditional house. The house is the place, where many generations will share together. The family use the house for all daily activities such as cooking, eating, and sleeping.
From there transfer to your hotel, Tad Lo Lodge, where we will spend the night

+ Guide & Driver
+ Meal: Breakfast, lunch
+ Excursion: continue to explore Bolaven plateau before transferring to Champasak to visit the ruin of Wat Phou
+ Accommodation: The River Resort
+ Pick-up: 08:30AM

After breakfast, visit Tha Teng colourful ethnic minority food market. Next explore a couple of fascinating minority villages, Ban Bong Neua, an Alak village that boasts a sacrificial altar, and Ban Kokphung, a Katu village where they keep coffins under their houses. Arrive at the beautiful Tad Phaxuam Waterfall by mid-morning, before leaving the Bolaven Plateau and continuing to Champassak by lunchtime.
In the afternoon visit Wat Phou, an ancient Khmer religious complex dating back to the 5th Century.
Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Wat Phou is a spectacular pre-Angkorian temple that sits amidst the rice fields and waterways of southern Laos.  The temple was constructed in three levels: the bottom level is focused on the baray (water reservoir) and promenade, the second level features quadrangular pavilions and galleries of carvings, and the top level is the sanctuary itself.  The temple was built by the rulers of the Khmer empire before the construction of Angkor Wat. The temple served as the most important economic and political centre of the region and still is one of the Lao people’s most revered temples.
After your visit, we continue in to Champasak to see samples of French colonial architecture before taking the boat to the beautiful The River Resort, where we will spend the night

+ Guide & Driver

+ Meal: Breakfast, lunch

+ Excursion: Continue further south to explore the famous 4000-island area

+ Accommodation: hotel in Khone Island

+ Pick-up: 08:30AM

Heading out of town, we driver further south to Khong island, and embark on a long tail boat for venturing into the widest reach of the Mekong River, where during the dry season the waters recede and leave behind thousands of islets, giving this area a lovely name” Si Phan Done”. Upon arrival, explore the local peaceful villages of Ban Khone, where you will see an array of relics from the French colonial era and retrace the old colonial past, including old French colonial buildings and the remnants of the first Lao railway with its locomotive. We continue to discover the 4000 islands area by tuktuk and visit the marvelous Liphi waterfall, also called the “Corridor of the Devil” one of the most beautiful waterfalls marking Lao border with Cambodia. If we are lucky, we may even see the rare freshwater Irrawaddy Mekong dolphin at Ban Hang Khone.

Free for the rest of the day to stroll around this charming island. The recommended activities is the cycle around the island, watching local life; or walk along the bank of Mekong river admiring the sunset.

Overnight in Khone island

+ Guide & Driver

+ Meal: Breakfast, lunch

+ Excursion: visit the mighty Khone Phapheng waterfalls before transferring back to Pakse, and explore the city

+ Accommodation: hotel in Pakse

+ Pick-up: 08:30AM

After breakfast, return to the mainland at the fishing village of Ban Nakasang and drive further south to visit Khone Phapheng. Khone Phapheng is considered the largest waterfall by volume in South East Asia; this is an impressive spot near the Lao-Cambodian border, set within an area which is teeming with wildlife, making this area one of the most breathtaking destinations in Laos.

Afterwards, we will take a long-tail boat to Ban Nakasang; and drive back to Pakse.

Founded by the French in 1905 as an administrative post, the capital of Champasak Province is a relatively new town at the confluence of the Mekong and Se Don rivers.
In the afternoon, we will first visit Ban Khoh, which specializes in stone carving, and walk to the nearby Wat Chomphet, which hosts the biggest sitting Buddha in Laos.
Late afternoon, we will ascend to the top of Wat Phou Salao to admire the panoramic view over the town of Pakse, and the nearby area, whilst the dark is falling over the city.
Overnight in Pakse

+ Guide & Driver

+ Meal: Breakfast

+ Excursion: Airport transfer

+ Accommodation: None

+ Pick-up: 09:00AM

You are free before taking the departure flight



  • From Pakse, you have direct flight to Bangkok (Thailand), Siem Reap (Cambodia), or Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)
  • You can either cross the border to Cambodia (via Dom Kralor); or Thailand (via Chongmek)