Code: LA-AD-LN7 Duration: 7 days Theme: Adventure

Beside Mekong river, Nam Ou river is one of the biggest, and most important rivers in Laos. Flowing through the least visited area, the untouched nature, and the authentic livings along the river makes it one of the highlights in the wish list when travelling to Laos. The Laos Adventure Tour – The Lazy Nam Ou has it all to offer during the 7-day Lao journey.

The tour starts in Sophoun after finishing the border formality. Following the short transfer to Muang Khua, we will take the cruise downstream the lazy Nam Ou river to Nong Khiaw. This part of the river is said to be one of the most beautiful part of the river. During the cruise, we make a night stop at the beautiful village of Ban Sop Chem, where we are welcomed with the Baci Ceremony, and the dinner with the host family. Before continuing to Luang Prabang, we will have 01-day with unforgettable experience to 100 waterfalls. At the end, the visit to the ancient Luang Prabang is always the highlight of all tours in Laos.


  • Cruising along the lazy Nam Ou river, experiencing the authentic lives, and its beautiful sceneries.
  • Emerging into the local life with the Baci Ceremony, welcome dinner, and homestay with the host family at Ban Sop Chem
  • Exploring the in-the-middle-of-nowhere village of Muang Ngoi, and its surrounding area
  • Discovering the famous 100 waterfalls in Nong Khiaw
  • Uncovering the mysterious caves of Pak Ou
  • Visiting Luang Prabang, and its exciting Kuang Si waterfalls


Tay Trang/Sophoun – Muang Khua – Ban Sop Chem – Muang Ngoi – Nong Khiaw – 100 waterfalls – Luang Prabang – Ban Long Lao – Kuang Si waterfalls

+ Guide & Driver & Boat
+ Meal: Lunch, Dinner
+ Excursion: Pick up at border (Lao side), transfer to Muang Khua, then take the boat downstream Nam Ou river to Ban Sop Chem. Baci Ceremony with the host family & homestay
+ Accommodation: homestay in ban Sop Chem

Note: you should arrive in Lao side at around 09:00AM

After finishing the border formality, our guide will pick you up and transfer directly to Muang Khua.

Upon arrival, we will board on a long-tail boat downstream the Nam Ou River exploring one of the most authentic region of the country.
The picnic lunch will be served at one of the sandy beach along the river bank.
We will arrive at the Khmu village of Ban Sopchem mid-afternoon; you have ample time to stroll around the village to get familiar with the local villagers before joining the Baci Ceremony. This rite is performed mostly for family and friends who are going or coming back from a long trip. This is their way of saying thank you to you for your visit. Your guides will portability explain more about the ceremony.

Following the Baci Ceremony, we will enjoy the authentic dinner prepared by the host family. This is the best chance to have the first impression of local cuisine.
Spend your night at Ban Sop Chem with the host family.

+ Guide
+ Meal: Breakfast, lunch
+ Excursion: continue the cruise down to Nong Khiaw. Visit the village of Muang Ngoi along the way
+ Accommodation: Hotel in Nong Khiaw
+ Pick-up: 08:30AM

After a local breakfast, time to explore the village. The village children rarely receive the opportunity to interact and play with Westerners.
We then take the cruise downstream to Muang Ngoi, the village at the middle of nowhere. Here, we will trek to the local village of Ban Na, and the caves of Tham Kaang, which is said to have the supernatural powers.
The lunch will be served at the local restaurant in Muang Ngoi.
In the afternoon, we continue the cruise to Ban Sopvan, which is home to the Tai Lue people. The village is located right next to the river, opposite the village on the river bank is a farm which is home to many different types of animal including Pigs, Chickens, Ducks, and Buffalo. We pay them a visit so it is worthwhile bringing some food along if you would like to feed them and surely very appreciated by both the animals and the villagers.
The last part of today cruise is 30-minute cruise down to Nong Khiaw whilst the sun is setting. Overnight in Nong Khiaw

+ Guide & Driver
+ Meal: Breakfast, lunch
+ Excursion: trek to the famous 100 waterfalls
+ Accommodation: Hotel in Nong Khiaw
+ Pick-up: 08:30AM

Start this day of adventure with a peaceful boat ride on the Nam Ou River where you will be able to explore a small Lao village along the riverside. Learn about the villagers and their way of life along this Northern Laos River before beginning the ‘100 Waterfalls Adventure Trail’!
Walking through small streams and rice paddies, you will arrive at the bottom of the 100 Waterfalls which were only first explored in October 2008! For the next few hours you will see only water and jungle and hear the constant sound of clear waterfall cascades. The pools around you are very inviting for a refreshing splash.
Your guide will lead you through the cascades and prepare a local style lunch that you can enjoy on the falls surrounded by amazingly green nature.
A small village trail on the top of the ‘100 Waterfalls’ will lead us on our hike back down into the valley, offering wide views over the expansive Nam Ou valley.
Once back in the village we will have some more time to experience the daily life of the Nam Ou riverside village before heading back to Nong Khiaw (Nong Khiau) by boat. Overnight in Nong Khiaw

+ Guide & Driver
+ Meal: Breakfast, lunch
+ Excursion: transfer by car to ban Pak Ou, where we will visit the mysterious Pak Ou caves. After that enjoy the leisure cruise down the mighty Mekong to Luang Prabang
+ Accommodation: Hotel in Luang Prabang
+ Pick-up: 08:30AM

After breakfast, we will transfer back to Luang Prabang. After about 20 minute drive, we will take a right turn at Ban Bom onto the dirt road to Ban Na Yang (12km from the main road), which is the Thai Lue minority village. This is the very unique village with the traditional house and hand-weaving technique.
After that, we will transfer directly to Ban Pak Ou, where we will have lunch at the riverside restaurant overlooking the Nam Ou River, and Mekong River.
The afternoon will follow with the visit to the mysterious Pak Ou Caves, two linked caves crammed with thousands of gold lacquered Buddha statues of various shapes and sizes left by pilgrims. We then take the boat downstream the Mekong River to the heritage city of Luang Prabang. Along the way, we have chance to visit some more village at Ban Muangkeo, which is famous for its traditional Lao rice whisky distilling. We arrive in Luang Prabang just in time to catch the sunset. Overnight in Luang Prabang

+ Guide & Driver
+ Meal: Breakfast, lunch
+ Excursion: cycling to visit the main sites of Luang Prabang center
+ Accommodation: hotel in Luang Prabang
+ Pick-up: 08:30AM

We’ll start by picking up the bikes at our workshop, where we maintain the best fleet of mountain bikes in town. After a safety introduction, we’ll set off to visit the Morning Market, a lively street where locals stock up on all sort of interesting supplies, from colourful vegetables to live frogs.

Next, we’ll step from the energy of the market into the serene calm of one of the city’s most sumptuous monasteries, Wat Mai, and then to the former King’s Palace – now the National Museum – where you’ll witness the history and present life of Luang Prabang. From there, we will bike to the beautiful and ancient Wat Xieng Thong temple, with its spectacular low sweeping roof, Luang Prabang’s most celebrated monastery.

The lunch will be served at Tamarind Restaurant with the fusion Lao foods, we’ll visit either the UXO museum* (it portrays the devastation that Laos continues to suffer as a result of the Second Indochina War), or shop for local crafts at Ock Pop Tok (which brings the fascinating world of traditional Lao handicrafts alive for visitors).

Onward we’ll explore the 16th century Wat Visoun temple, known for its enormous squat stupa and its collection of old gilded “Calling for the Rain” Buddhas. We will finish the day at the extraordinary Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre**, the only independent resource centre in Laos dedicated to the country’s many and diverse ethnic groups. Overnight in Luang Prabang


*The Unexploded Ordnance Museum (UXO Museum) is open Monday to Friday, 8am-12 and 1-4pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

** The Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre is open Tuesday – Sunday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

+ Guide & Driver
+ Meal: Breakfast, Lunch
+ Excursion: hill tribe experience, then trek to Kuang Si waterfalls to relax
+ Accommodation: Jungle Bungalow
+ Pick-up: 09:00AM

We depart from your hotel and drive for around one hour west to Ban Xeng Mouk village where the trek starts.
We begin with a visit to the ethnic Khmu village of Ban Longlao Nung before heading to the nearby Hmong village of Ban Longlao Song. You will be able to observe the lifestyles of these two culturally very different minority groups and see how despite their differences they manage to work together on a day to day basis and even sharing the same school.
As we continue onwards the trail leads through rice paddys and vegetable fields before reaching the mountainous forest. Along the way we explore a cave which was used as a bomb shelter by the locals during the second indochina war.
After visiting the cave one more hour of trekking brings us to one of the many springs which feeds Kuang Xi waterfalls, here a beautiful pool full of sacred fish can be seen. After descending from the top of the waterfall we enjoy a Lao style lunch amongst some beautiful settings!
The afternoon is spent bathing and relaxing around the turquoise pools below the waterfall. You can also visit the bear conservation center which is located nearby and home to many bears which have been rescued from illegal farms.
Before returning to Luang Prabang we take a short walk to a nearby Khmu village of Ban Thapene which is home to some of the most beautiful pools of Kuang Xi Waterfalls.

+ Guide & Driver
+ Meal: Breakfast
+ Excursion: None
+ Accommodation: None
+ Pick-up: 03 hours before departure time

You are free to stroll around the town for your own exploration before taking the departure flight