Booking Terms & Conditions

These following Lao tour booking conditions & terms are the basis for contract between BiiG TRAVEL and its clients. By booking a tour with us, you must have accepted these terms and conditions.


The general conditions of sale described below form an integral part of any service contract concluded between a customer, natural or legal person (commonly referred to hereinafter as the “customer”), and BiiG Holiday & Vacations Sole Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as BiiG Travel). The conclusion by the customer of a contract, whether written or verbal, with BiiG Travel implies that the customer has read, understood, and accepted the contents of these general conditions of sale.


BiiG Travel undertakes to insure in favor of the client all the services expressly included in the travel program agreed upon with the latter.

BiiG Travel is prepared to provide, subject to availability, additional services, i.e. not included in the program, if requested by the customer, subject to a supplement if applicable.


The proposed rates are valid for the period specified by BiiG Travel in the pricing, on the invoice or any other document distributed to the customer.

For the duration of their validity, these tariffs may be readjusted only in the case of hardship, i.e. where, due to an unpredictable change in the contract environment (BiiG Travel cannot properly carry out the travel program at the initial rates. In these cases, BiiG Travel will send a reasoned request for re-adjustment to the customer who can either accept it or refuse it. In the event of a refusal by the customer, BiiG Travel reserves the right to cancel the program, to be responsible for reimbursing the client the deposit he / she had paid, less bank charges.


If the customer wishes to place a booking, he must confirm his agreement with the agent in charge of his file, specifying the proposed travel program that suits him. He will be asked to fill out a booking form and return it to BiiG Travel. BiiG Travel then proceeds to reserve all the services provided for in the program and reserves the right to propose equivalent alternatives in case of unavailability of one or more planned services (accommodation, domestic flights, train, etc.).

Once all bookings have been made, the final travel program will be sent to the client. The latter must at the time pay BiiG Travel a deposit equal to 30% of the total cost of the journey, unless the agent in charge of his file indicates otherwise.

Occasionally, a larger deposit may be required in the event of a last-minute reservation or during peak season, depending on the specific requests of certain hotels or airlines.

Failure to pay the deposit within 15 days of receipt of the final program by the customer may result in the cancellation of all reserved services. The order will then be considered canceled by the customer and the provisions mentioned in paragraph 7.a. will apply.


Unless otherwise specified by BiiG Travel, the customer must pay the balance of the trip at the commencement of the trip. The customer may nevertheless, if he wishes, proceed to the settlement before the beginning of the journey.

In the event of non-fulfillment of the obligation to pay the balance in the aforementioned conditions, the order will be deemed to be canceled by the customer and the provisions mentioned in paragraph 7.a. are applicable.


a. Modification by the clients

The customer may request the modification of his / her order at any time, subject to the payment to BiiG Travel of any costs arising from its modification. BiiG Travel is required to respond to this type of request with the utmost diligence, subject to the availability of the required services.

Deferral of arrival date is considered a modification.

Reducing the number of participants is not considered a change. It will result in cancellation penalties for participants who unsubscribe as well as re-pricing for the remaining participants.

b. Modification by BiiG Travel

BiiG Travel reserves the right to modify the benefits included in the final travel program (corresponding to a change in services and benefits) in the following cases:

++ The amendment is justified following an event of force majeure. These are unpredictable, unavoidable and irresistible events that make travel impossible or dangerous for the client such as: war or threat of war, riots, natural or nuclear disaster, port blockade, looting, fires And any terrorist activity, weather, epidemic, quarantine or any similar event.

++ The modification is essential to ensure the safety of the client and / or the quality of the trip.

In the two above mentioned cases, any additional costs will be borne by the travelers

++ The change is linked to other factors beyond the control of BiiG Travel (eg bankruptcy of a provider, overbooking of a provider, flight delays, etc.), leading to the choice of other accommodation or other Activities than those foreseen. BiiG Travel will inform the customer as soon as possible of any changes. In the event of a change, BiiG Travel will offer services of an equivalent or similar level if available. If the service is of inferior quality, BiiG Travel will offer a refund of the difference in price.

In all three cases of modification, the customer cannot claim compensation.


a. Cancellation by the clients

In all cases of cancellation of the trip, the customer must pay penalties which correspond the below table:

Days from the date of arrival              Cancellation Penalties

No Show                                                         100% charge

1-10days                                                    50% of the tour price

11-30days                                                  30% of the tour price

31-45 days                                                 10% of the tour price

46 days up                                                         no charge

If the cancellation is made prior to the payment of the deposit, an invoice is sent to the customer who is required to pay the penalties according to the above conditions, also indicated on the estimate accepted by the customer.

If the cancellation is made later to the payment of the deposit, BiiG Travel will deduct the amount of these penalties from the deposit paid by the customer. It reimburses the customer the remaining amount, if applicable, by bank transfer, the customer having to pay all bank charges.

b. Cancellation by BiiG Travel

BiiG Travel reserves the right to cancel the trip, in whole or in part, in the event of events due to force majeure. These are unpredictable, inevitable, and irresistible events that make travel impossible or dangerous for the client such as: war or threat of war, riots, natural or nuclear disaster, port blockade, looting, fires, terrorist activity, weather, epidemic, quarantine, or any similar event.

In all such cancellation cases, BiiG Travel will endeavor to reimburse the participants in the travel program after deduction (if applicable), additional costs incurred as a result of this new situation, cancellation fees charged by hotels, airlines or any other service provider, and bank charges, but under no circumstances will the participants be entitled to any compensation.


Before undertaking the trip, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that he or she meets the following requirements:

++ Passport (minimum validity of 6 months after return, at least two blank pages)

++ Physical condition, vaccinations, preventive treatments …

++ Visa (if required by the country or countries of destination) (read more about Lao Visa)

++ BiiG Travel may, upon request, assist the client in obtaining a visa.

Anyone who participates in a tour organized by BiiG Travel must take out an international travel insurance covering at least medical and repatriation expenses, injuries and accidents, death, personal liability. The details of the insurer and the insurance policy number of the customer must be communicated to BiiG Travel before the start of the journey.

Insurance coverage offered by credit card companies or reciprocal medical coverage agreements is often not exhaustive.

During the journey, the traveler must respect the rules announced by the guide or by any other BiiG Travel agent. These are rules to ensure the safety of the client and the quality of the travel program.

BiiG Travel undertakes to provide on the spot all necessary and useful assistance to the customer in the event of an incident covered by the insurance and in particular to assist the client in the completion of the administrative formalities with the local authorities, and the insurer.


BiiG Travel is committed to providing the client with all the services agreed upon with the latter and included in the travel program.

Any activity that is not part of the travel program or any violation of the right of the host country by the customer is not the responsibility of BiiG Travel. Any cancellation of the travel program as a result of a conflict with the law will deprive the customer of any right to a refund from BiiG Travel.

BiiG Travel is responsible to the customer as an intermediary between the latter and the various service providers (airlines, hotels, transport companies, restaurants, boats, …) and must therefore ensure a certain quality of services, but BiiG Travel cannot be confused with these various providers, who in any event retain their own responsibility.

The flight schedules contracted in the program are subject to change by airlines, either before or after the start date of the trip, regardless of BiiG Travel. In such cases, BiiG Travel undertakes to do its best to accommodate the travel program but cannot be held responsible if the new timetables defined by the airline are less adequate than those originally scheduled.

In no event shall BiiG Travel be liable for any event that would be due to force majeure.

BiiG Travel can assist the customer as an intermediary in the purchase of international flights, but BiiG Travel cannot be confused with French-based ticket-makers who work independently and act for their own account. Any incident involving the purchase of flights with ticket agents in France will be governed by French law and will have to be handled between the client and the ticket-holder.


BiiG Travel does not reimburse benefits that are entered in the program but are not used by the client.

If travel is interrupted for reasons of client health, BiiG Travel will use its best endeavors to obtain a partial or total reimbursement of canceled services from service providers. However, some providers do not reimburse last minute cancellations, hence the necessity to subscribe imperatively to travel insurance.


Any complaint relating to the realization of one of the services inscribed in the program must be addressed in writing to BiiG Travel within a maximum period of 15 days from the end of the trip.

However, as most of the issues can be resolved promptly if BiiG Travel becomes aware of this, any disputes between the customer, and BiiG Travel must be resolved primarily on the spot by friendly negotiation.

In the event that BiiG Travel decides to pay compensatory payments to a customer, they may in no case exceed the price of the non-air travel invoiced by BiiG Travel. This applies only if the entire trip has gone badly and the customer has not received any satisfaction.

In all other cases, BiiG Travel reserves the right to offer or not compensation in its sole discretion.

If no friendly solution is found, the court of the place of performance of the contract will be solely competent to decide the dispute.


BiiG Travel accepts payments in US Dollars, Thai Baht, or Lao Kip

a. Secure online payment

The customer can pay by credit card via a secure online payment system, for a 3% bank fee (for Visa, Master cards, etc.) or 4% bank charges (for AMEX cards)

b. Bank transfer

The customer can also pay by bank transfer. BiiG Travel’s bank details will be communicated to the customer when the service contract is concluded. Bank charges, determined by the client’s bank and BiiG Travel’s bank, are borne by the customer.

c. Electronic payment terminal (P.O.S.)

Payment by credit card via an electronic payment terminal, more commonly known as a “P.O.S.” or card machine, is only possible for payment of the balance of the trip. The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diners Club. Payment is made at an BiiG Travel office, for a bank fee charged to the customer. Unless otherwise specified by BiiG Travel, these fees are 3% of Visa and MasterCard, 5% American Express and 3.3% JCB and Diners Club cards.

d. Cash payment

Cash payments are made to the BiiG Travel office or directly to its agents on presentation of a stamped invoice. This is also suitable for payment of the balance of the trip.

Unlike other modes, payment in cash does not incur any costs.