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Sekong is a remote province of Laos, located in the southeast of Laos. It borders the provinces of Quang Nam and Thua Thien – Hue of Vietnam to the east, Champasak to the West, Attapeu to the south and Salavan Province to the North. Most of the province is situated on the Bolaven plateau.

Sekong was founded in 1983, when the province was separated from Saravane provinces and merged Tha Teng district from Champasak. This second smallest province in Laos is one of the most ethnically diverse provinces in Laos with 14 ethnic groups reported from a population of 85,000. There are not any Wat (temple, pagoda) in the area because people are not Buddhism but animism and ancestral worship. Sekong has poorly developed infrastructure, with few having access to clean water and sanitation. Despite of these difficulty, it still is the leading province in producing coffee and honey in Laos.

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Sekong province is rugged, wild and very scenic. As a result, people find it difficult to commute. The route to this area especially by land in the rainy season is not accessible. Locals living in villages and small towns; such as Lave, Lanam, Kaleum, Dakchung and Thateng still follow the unchanging lifestyle and earn their living by traditional farming.

To be the biggest flowing through Sekong province, the Sekong river valley is characterized by a landscape of a fertile plain patterned with a patchwork of rice paddies and fruits orchard. It is navigable for boats. It’s also a complex geographical condition form colourful Eco-Tourism resources. This is due to the fact that its rich of untouchable tropical forest and becoming home to many rare species of flora and fauna.

Sekong owns its beautifully natural waterfalls such as Tad Hia, Tad Faek and Tad Se Noi (or Tad Hua Khon). Tad Katamtok is also one of the most spectacular one running off the Bolaven Plateau at the height of more than 100 metres.

Moreover, Sekong has some national protected areas such as TheDakchung Plateau , an Important Bird Area (IBA) and  Xe Xap National Biodiversity Conservation Area (NBCA)



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