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Samneua is one of the most remote province of Laos | Biig Travel Laos

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Samneua is one of the most remote province of Laos. Its capital is Hue Phan. Sitting in a small picturesque valley, it is famous for particularly scenic with a town of white concrete houses topped with red roofs, surrounded by the vibrant green of rice fields and the grey-green of the mountains.


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Sam Neua is a perfect base to explore nearby Vieng Xai caves where the Pathet Lao refuges lived in from 1964 to 1975. You will be given chance to discover a truly special part of the country. They worked and ran the war from inside caves deep in stunning karst limestone cliffs. There are some caves opened for visitor. Explore these caves you can see how stark living environments they lived they to avoid being bombed.

Shops, markets and basic amenities are in plentiful supply and you can find enough to see and do for a couple of days enough at least to make your journey worthwhile. Finding good food is not easy and there is only one place in town that most tourists will visit and it can quickly become boring if staying in town more than a day or two.

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