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If you want to see the process of planting and harvesting rice in the rice field, Living Rice Farm is a great place for you to get real experiences in rural areas. It is a community-run organic farm that supplies vegetables and rice to hotels and restaurants in Luang Prabang. Visit this place and enjoy the best rice experience in the world.

Located in an idyllic rural setting and surrounded by mountains amid ancient rice paddies, the Living Land Company organic farm stretches over two acres cultivating all kinds of herbs and vegetables, including beet, mint and mustard with eight hectares of rice fields. Visitors can take a trip to the farm and try to become a farmer with the opportunity to grow rice.

It is also a great opportunity to enjoy a beautiful Lao style house overlooking rice fields and organic vegetable fields. The peculiarity is that they offer an alternative to current methods of slash-and-burn agriculture. They do not use chemicals and follow a strict policy of composting and crop rotation to ensure the continued use of the land to ensure that it remains fertile. Living Rice Farm also gives difficult local families the opportunity to work on the farm and scholarships are also set up.

Rice ExperienceVisitors can spend time trying traditional Lao rice methods. You will discover the ancient methods of harvesting and planting rice and all that concerns the threshing and winnowing of rice. In addition, your culinary knowledge will be enhanced by the lessons of a hotel chef, preparing stew soup, curry paste and glutinous rice cooked in a basket. The class takes place in a picturesque open-air wooden lodge among vegetable fields with grazing buffaloes and hills nearby.

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