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Luang Prabang is the must-see place for all tourists when visiting Laos. With its charm, the ancient capital of the legendary Lan Xang Kingdom (The Kingdom of Million Elephants), is attracting more and more visitors while doing the good jobs in preserving its unique beauties and culture

Luang Prabang has become Lao most attractive tourist destination. Located in the centre of northern Laos, it was the ancient royal capital of the Lan Xang Kingdom until the capital was moved to Vientiane in 1565. Due to its mountainous terrain, the average temperature in Luang Prabang is lower than other regions of Laos. Surrounded by mountains, the tiny town is 700 metres above sea level at the confluence of the Nam Khan and Mekong Rivers.

In 1995, Luang Prabang was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its outstanding cultural, historic, and extensive natural beauty. It is famous for amalgamation of crumbling French architecture, glistening temples, and its harmonious relationship between the natural and built environment.


This city is still the main center for Buddhist learning in Laos and is the perfect location for spiritual contemplation. Luang Prabang is not only famous for its historical destination like Wat Mai, Wat Visoun, Royal Palace Museum but also natural beauty of waterfall Kuangsi and Pak Ou Caves. Therefore, it provides countless opportunities to swim, climb and sail for visitors as well as enjoy many famous attractions. On the other hand, tourists who are fond of nature and animal, it is a great opportunity to meet hundreds of elephants in elephant village. That will be memorable experiences with elephants and a chance learn more about rural areas.


Area: 16,875 km2

Population: 431,889 habitants (in 2015)





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