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Opened in 2004, The Kamu Lodge is a wonderful eco lodge in a remote location on the banks of the majestic Mekong River in northern Laos. It develops Lao tourism while maintaining the region’s cultural and ethnic heritage. The area around the lodge is spectacularly pretty, with lush paddy fields, a dramatic mountainous backdrop, and the mighty river below.

There are close and harmonious ties between the Lodge and a small Kamu village, built next to it. The lodge is run in a sensitive and eco-friendly way, protecting, and enriching the village people. It is an ideal place for people who are interested in getting a flavour of life in rural Laos or a voyage on the mighty Mekong River, where is very peaceful to relax and take it easy.


There are many luxury safari tents in here, which are mounted on semi-permanent bamboo platforms with thatched covered roofs. All of them are fitted with solar powered electricity and hot water. The rooms are well located with comfortable beds and private balconies surrounded by forest and the river banks.

Accommodation in Kamu Lodge



Kamu Lodge Activities

There are many excellent excursions included in the price such as rice farming, fishing, gold panning, Laos archery and interesting tours of the local village. Other adventurous activities like treks to caves and waterfalls and tribal villages couldn’t be missed in your list. The staff will also teach you how to find medicinal plants in the forest if you are interested.


Traditional Kamu Massage

Traditional Kamu Massage has relied on the curative powers of traditional massage for centuries. Today, visitors to Kamu Lodge can take part in the healing power of Laotian massage in our open-air pavilion on the banks of the Mekong. It is the great chance to relax under the hands of our expert masseuses and embark in the soothing sounds of nature.


Traditional net fishing

Fishing is one of the most important sources of income for families in many small towns along the river in Laos. The locals are good at fishing techniques and have a wide knowledge about the fish and their behaviour including migration, foraging and habitat. You can gain real experiences and learn the tricks of the trade from them when trying your hand at net fishing.


Rice planting and harvesting

Rice is the most important staple in Southeast Asia, providing substance for millions of people and playing a central role in festivals and traditions. At Kamu Lodge, visitors will have memorable experiences when getting up close with this miraculous grain, with paddy walks, planting and harvesting lessons.


Traditional gold panning

Gold panning

Visitors will be taught how to sift and search for gold dust and nuggets when they are at the Lodge. Panning is the oldest form of gold mining and one of the simplest ways to extract gold. This traditional way is popular with geology enthusiasts because of its inexpensive costs and relatively easy process.



Archery as a sport or hobby can be enjoyed by everyone. It was once an important skill used in hunting and battle. These days, at Kamu Lodge, tourists can broaden their skill and learn proper technique from our local archery experts. Apart like the arrows in the Olympics games which are engraved your name on, there are lots of fun shooting arrows at the targets.


Trekking and Hiking

Trekking and hiking through the forest and picnic at the waterfalls and is the best way to a keep fit. You will have chance to explore the Laos forest, discover new trails, learn to identify local flora and fauna, and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views in this unspoiled corner of the world. It also provides the perfect grounds for companies to engage in original team-building activities. Reconnect with nature and learn your co-workers’ strengths with back-to-nature competitions and adventures that will leave everyone in high spirits.



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