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Bolaven Plateau - The home to Lao coffee & Its Waterfalls | Biig Travel Laos

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Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos is famous for its great scenery, ethnic villages, and unexplored corners. Located on the old erupted volcanic area million years ago, Bolaven Plateau is on the height of 1,000 to 1,350 metres above sea level. The weather in general is milder than the rest of the country and gets cold at night.

Bolaven Plateau is probably well known for being home to some spectacular waterfalls including Dong Hua Sao (aka Taat Fang) and Tad Fane twin falls which thunder over 100 metres down the steep cliffs into a gorge, located a few kilometres west of Paksong Town, Champasak Province. The waterfalls are more impressive in the rainy season so from July to October is an ideal time to visit them.

This plateau provides some of the best tea and coffee in the country due to its fertile plains. Bolaven Farms is the leading organic grower and supplier of the finest Bolaven coffees. Bolaven coffees are rare and distinctive, grown and processed in the pristine environment of the Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos

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Tad Fane Waterfall in Bolaven Plateau

Growers want to provide the sustainable and high quality production of a truly distinctive and tantalizing coffee. They commit to milling, grading and sorting all our green coffees beans to export graded and vacuum packaged coffee to avoid oxidation and moisture damage. Their system is improved the overall quality of coffee grown and prepared in Laos to the highest of world standards.

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Bolaven coffee

Besides, there are many protected national park, waterfalls and tribe villages surrounding Bolaven Plateau. The scenic rainforest spot is part of a big national park where wild animals live including leopards, tigers, elephants, and monkeys. Hornbills are among the 300 bird species found in this area.
The weather in general is milder than the rest of the country, getting cool, especially at night. If visiting between the months of October and February, visitors can observe the harvesting of coffee around the plateau. There is a large bus station with regular connections to other parts of Laos and a small airport Bolaven Plateau Tour in this area.



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