Laos is one of the safest countries to visit. The country is peaceful, the people are friendly, and the air is fresh. However, nowhere in the world that is 100% safe and Laos is no exception. Here are some warnings to help you get safe travel in Laos.

Safe Travel in Laos


– Do not venture into less travelling paths or unknown territory such as remote jungles. You might risk stumbling upon UXO. Laos was heavily bombed by the Americans during the Indochina war. Although the UXO have been cleared from most major tourist destinations, there are still very many “un-cleared” areas in many provinces of Laos.

– When in Laos, always conduct yourself within the bounds of its law. Offences such as dealing drugs, rape or treason can incur the death sentences. There are also heavy penalties for drug possession and use, so if offered drugs by locals, such as opium, do not buy it or use it if you don’t want troubles.

– Always carry your passport if you’re a tourist or an ID card if you’re living here in Laos. Tourists are seldom checked, but the police might approach you. If you fail to provide your identification you risk running into troubles.

– Carry your driving licence if you drive.

– Always wear helmets when riding motorcycles or bikes.

– Avoid traveling on the roads during holiday periods such as Lao New Year

Don’t go wandering aimlessly alone through a town or city late at night. Most of them are dark, and are often places that muggers focus on.

– Put your valuables such as money, credit card and your passport in a money pouch and keep it concealed under your clothing.

Don’t put valuable items in your basket if you are riding a bicycle. There have been incidences of drive-by theft.

– Bringing mosquito repellent with you or buying some in Laos. You should wear light coloured clothing with long sleeves and cover yourself well at night. Also, remember to sleep under a net when sleeping.

– Tap water in Laos is not safe to drink. Locals in remote areas of Laos drink water from wells or rivers; some boil their drinking water some don’t. When/if they offer you water, politely accept it, but you don’t have to drink it.

– Carry some snacks and bottled water when traveling to remote areas in Laos as you might not spot any restaurant on your way.

– Avoid any food that seem to be cooked for a while and has been sitting around (such as grilled meats in markets). Always opt for freshly cooked food or soup.