Laos is one of the most adventurous and economical countries to travel in Southeast Asia. This articles will give you the basic information about Lao Accommodation to prepare for the trip. 

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Settha Palace hotel – Lao Accommodation

You need to consider what kind of trips you will get. For example, a short ship or a long trip, for work or for leisure and so on. There are various standards of Lao Accommodation to suit every budget, ranging from basic rooms to luxury suites.

1. Hotels

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There are a variety of Lao hotels to choose. However, most hotels in Laos are boutique hotel. They are small and do not have much rooms, with under 100 rooms. Moreover, if you stay in a remote area, it is a challenge to find an ideal hotel as they are extremely limited.

However, Laos is one of the most economical countries in Southeast Asia. It is easy to find a lovely accommodation with extremely affordable prices, about under $150. Besides, if you prefer staying in a comfortable hotel with the best services, you will certainly find a hotel that suits your need without breaking your budget.

Tips for saving money on a hotel:

– Contact the local tourist board before you arrive to check for the best local budget hotels – some may not be listed online.

– Stay away from Western hotels. Look for locally run businesses, and you’ll find local prices to match.

– Choose accommodation further away from festivals or big events.

2. Homestay in Laos

Staying in homestay in Laos is a great chance for you to gain real experience about culture and lifestyle in Laos. Especially, through living with a Lao family, you will observe the ways of life of the locals, sharing food with them and taking part in their activities. Although it is more expensive, it is convenient and will enable you to enjoy your stay without problems.

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a lodge house in Laos

How to find a homestay?

Although there are many homestays on offer around Laos, they’re not widely known as they are not advertised as well as they should be.

Local travel agent is one of the easiest ways to arrange a homestay. It will take care of all the arrangements, provide an English-speaking guide, take you to the destination of your homestay and pick you up at the end.

Homestay in Laos, what is it like?

Most homestays in Laos are usually established by ecotourism projects or community-based development projects to help locals to generate income as a way to alleviate poverty. All are run by villagers (in rotation) with the supervision of the Lao Tourism Administration. The fee you pay will directly benefit the host families and their community.

As most homestays in Laos are in rural areas, remember that things are very basic. Toilets are normally tiny huts outside the house. Bathing is often in a nearby river or by scooping water from buckets to pour over yourself. Food is usually home cooked from local ingredients. Sleeping is under a mosquito net in dormitory type house (private rooms are rare). However, sleeping bags, foam mats and mosquito nets are usually supplied.


The price varies from place to place depending on how you do it, particularly you go with a tour group or by yourself. Going through the travel agent is highly recommended, the price starts from around US$20/person/night. It also depends on the group size (max of 8 people) and the length of your stay (the larger the group and/or the longer you stay, the cheaper it is).

3. Guesthouse in Laos

Staying in guesthouses is one of the best way to save money. If you’re travelling on a tight budget and want to save a great deal, guesthouse is highly recommended.

Guesthouse in Laos, what is it like?

Most Laos guesthouses have all the facilities that a person needs to be comfortable such as clean beds, private bathrooms with hot/cold shower, cable TV, and Air-con. Best of all they are cheap.

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In the tourist centres of Laos, there are a variety of budget guesthouses. Most offer decent rooms in the price range of $5-30. Mid-level range guesthouses have sprung up in recent years with many options available in the $15-50 range.

Lao guesthouses are often filled up during the busy period of December to February and Lao New Year (April), especially in main cities and touristy towns like Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng. It is better to book in advance.

4. Apartments Rental and Monthly Hotels

If you plan to stay in one place for a more than a few weeks, apartments rental and monthly hotels are the best options. They not only save you money but also are far more comfortable and private. Rental accommodations are often fully furnished and also you can cook favourite meals in your own way.

How do you find a rental accommodation?

Booking through any of the online agencies is a common way but booking on the ground is often the better way to go. You might book a couple of nights in a hotel then find a local real-estate agency and ask for a referral to a rental agent. Another option is renting a motorbike and ride around writing down the phone numbers from signs on the gates of rentals. Contact BiiG Travel Laos to find a rental Lao Accommodation easily, we will give you more detail information about it.

Some tips when travelling in Laos

– Make sure that you book your Lao Accommodation in advance because they fill up quickly, especially in the main cities like Vientiane and Luang Prabang.

– You should stay slightly back from the river banks rather than those in town near the Mekong River because they are usually higher than the rest for similar quality.

– If you intend to stay longer than a few days, ask the hotel manager for weekly or monthly rates. This can save you a great deal as many hotels have a discount on longer term stays. Please note that hosts often offer you to pay 6-12 month rent up before when renting a house or an apartment in Laos.

– Another selection is rental apartment. In Vientiane, they often have weekly and monthly rates, the longer you stay the cheaper it is (on average).