One crucial thing that you should consider before travel to anywhere is your health problem and risks of being infected while travelling. This article is about Laos travel vaccination. Before travelling to Laos, tourists are recommended to take some vaccines for a safe trip. Here is the lists of medicines and instruction:


Subject What you should take? Description/Information
All travellers (Some vaccines may be required before travelling) Routine vaccines These are essential vaccines before every trip: measles-mumps-rubella vaccines, polio vaccines, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella vaccine, and annual flu vaccines.
Most travellers (Protect yourself from disease risks from the country you are travelling to) Hepatitis A This should be taken due to the food and water in Lao.
Typhoid  You may also get this through food and water in Laos, especially when travelling to rural area and eatting local food.
Polio  You may need polio vaccine before your trip to Laos if you haven’t taken it as a child. 
Some travellers (If you have your trip planned in details, you should get some pieces of advise from your doctor for your own health)  Hepatitis B  You can get hepatitis B through blood transmission, sexual contact. Hence, if you planted to have a sex partner in Laos, intention to take a tattoo or piercing, or eatting blood products, better take this vaccine first.
Japanese Encephalitis  If you are visiting Laos for a long time period, you should consider taking this vaccines. Talk to your doctor to have the best prescription base on your health condition.
Malaria  Since Laos is a tropical country, there will be many diseases from mosquito. Take Malaria vaccine to avoid malaria and remember to bring mosquito repellent.
Rabies  Rabies exists in dogs, bats, and some mammals in Laos. Therefore, if the activities you involve in when travelling in Laos contain risks of infection, you should take this.
Yellow Fever  There is no risk of yellow fever in Laos. However, Lao government may ask tourists from infectious area to take the vaccines before get in the country.

Important notes

• The information about Laos travel vaccination is just a source of reference. You should also take other factors into account, such as mosquito, sexual transmission, and other risks from a tropical country.Laos travel vaccination

• Zika is a serious risk at Laos. Since Zika virus can cause birth defects, pregnant women should not travel to Laos. If you are still going to Lao, make sure you have contacted a doctor for advices.

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