There are a lot of things to explore in Laos. So this is the list of 5 Lao specialties tourists should try and buy as gifts during the trip in Laos.

1. Lao food

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Lao Specialty – Lao food

Food always is the fastest way to understand the culture and immerse in each country. Hence, trying local foods is indispensable experience when traveling to Laos.

Laap (minced beef salad) and sticky rice are must-try dishes in Laos because they are traditional daily meal of Laotian and you cannot find their featured flavor in anywhere. One of the most favored food in Laos is wet noodles (Khao Piak Sen) which is similar to Udon but with made from rice instead of wheat. Lao beer is also another interesting drink to try here.

On the other hand, visitors can buy some Lao sausage or dried beef as the gift for friends and relatives because they are Lao Specialty and have unique and tasty flavor.

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2. Lao textiles

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Lao Specialty – Lao textiles

Lao is famous for its textile represented in impressive but elegant patterns produced by weaving and dying technique. With the development of tourism, Lao textiles have become famous for their beauty and diversity, and most holiday-makers in Laos end up filling an extra bag with Lao textiles for personal attire and home decor. If you want to buy some Laos textile product, the night market in Luang Prabang where has the greatest diversified in the product of textiles or visit some textile workshops.

3. Coffee

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Lao Specialty – coffee

Coffee is Lao fifth export product. You can find good quality coffee in the Bolaven Plateau which was the first place to plant coffee in Laos during French colonial times. Laos is one of the few countries in the world that is able to boast about its high quality coffee beans. They plant coffe with a proper method that make their coffee catches every tourist’s taste. That results the popularity in the domestic consumer market.

4. Handicraft goods

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Lao Specialty – Handicraft goods

The handicraft products here are crafted meticulously by the hands of skilled artisans. With a variety of diverse items, eye-catching design and unique products, tourists have plenty of choices. Moreover, these handicraft goods have fine endurance so they will remind of the great time you experience in Laos.

5. Jewelry in Laos

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Lao Specialty – Jewelry in Laos

Tourists can easily find a lot of jewelry in the market in Laos. Most of them has featured and sophisticated designs.

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Lao Specialty – Jewelrys in Laos