To travel to other country, tourists have to have knowledge about that country’s currency to exchange the money and measure the budget needed for the trip. This article gives the helpful information about Lao currency Kip.

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Lao Currency Kip

Lao Currency

The kip is the official currency of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, abbreviated as LAK Kip. Lao Kip is divided into fractions, call att, which circulate in Lao banknotes and coins as well.

Kip change to Euros and the US Dollar

1 EUR = 10,000 kip

1 USD = 8,000 kip

The currency of Laos is issued by the Bank State of Laos since 1952. The Kip is a difficult currency to get out of Southeast Asia, however in Laos often operate with foreign currency, the most popular currencies are the Thai baht and the US dollar. Although Kip is divided into fractions, the most common to use is banknote.

Lao Kip banknote

BiiG Travel Laos
Lao Currency Kip

Nowadays in Laos it is best to use the local currency, the Kip. The most common denominations are 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, and 100,000 Kips.

On tickets value, it is only Lao language, but in the back of the note there is value in Latin characters.

Where to change the Kip?

In Europe, it is difficult to find a place where you can exchange Kip. It is ok to bring US dollars for initial transactions (e.g. paying visa fees Laos). In Southeast Asia, it is very easy to exchange Kip. For instance, in Thailand and Cambodia, most exchange houses operate with the currency of Laos. We can also take Kip ATMs of international airports in Laos (except Savannakhet airport, where doesn’t have any ATM or exchange house).

Once inside the borders of Laos, you can change Kip, we recommend you to avoid the black market for their high commissions. Laos is very popular in the BFL Bank (Banque Franco Lao) which can be exchanged Kip euros with total guarantee.