Mount Phousi, or Phu Si (sacred mountain), is a 100m-high hill that is located in the heart of the peninsula between the rivers of Mekong and Nam Khan. It is the place where the whole Luang Prabang is on sight. On the top of the mountain, tourists can enjoy the panorama view of the old town’s sunset and sunrise over the Mekong river. This hill is also one of religious sites of the town and it house a number of Buddhist shrines.

Mount phousi BiiG Travel Laos
Mount Phousi

Two ways to the top

There are two stair-ways to get to the top of Phousi Hill. In order to visit as much views and shrines as possible, most tourists go up one way and go down the other. The common way up, which takes 328 steps to the top, is on Sisavangvong road where Luang Prabang’s night market takes place. This entrance is opposite to Royal Palace Museum.

Mount phousi BiiG Travel Laos
Steps on the way to Mount Phousi

Mount phousi BiiG Travel Laos
Natural view

The second way with 355 steps is next to Nam Khan river. At the start of the stairs, there is a restaurant in which tourists will finds a map showing various attractions on Phousi Mount. On the way up, visitors can find many religious statues, mostly Buddha in meditations with mudras.

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Buddha and fellows around him

Climb up a few more steps, tourists will find more Buddha statues with more positions and backgrounds.

Mount phousi BiiG Travel Laos
Buddha in meditation

After 20-30 minutes of going up, top of the mountain, which houses That Chomsi, comes into view.

That Chomsi ( wat on the hill)

The slender golden pagoda immidiately impresses tourist by its golden stupa…

Mount phousi BiiG Travel Laos
golden stupa

… and its golden Buddha

Mount phousi BiiG Travel Laos
Golden Sleeping Buddha on top Phousi

However, the most impressive scenes on the mountain is the sunset on Luang Prabang 360-degree view. Tourists are recommended to go in the afternoon for best experiences.

Mount phousi BiiG Travel Laos
sunset view

Mount phousi BiiG Travel Laos
On the top of the Sacred Hill

Opening hours & entry charge:

Opening hours: 6:00 AM – Closing time is not fixed, visitors can stay until sunset.

Entrance ticket: 20,000 Kip (~US$ 2.6, see Lao currency Kip)

How to get to Mount Phousi:

Since the hill is at the center of Luang Prabang and the main stairway is right behind the Royal Palace Museum on Sisavangvong street, tourists can go either on foot or by hiring a tuk tuk or jumbo with 10,000 – 15,000 Kip.

Mount Phousi’s Location: